Connie Main Duarte works in Global Ministries for BGC Canada and she lives in Portugal, from where she develops all sides of her ministry.

Connie is currently one of the pastors at the Meeting Point, a Baptist church in Estoril, Portugal. She is the Chair of Mission-Net, a movement to promote a missional lifestyle amongst young people in Europe. She coordinates a discipleship programme for staff and young graduates at GBU Portugal. She also travels around Europe to speak at conferences.

Connie studied both in the areas of missions and communication while living in Canada. She moved to Portugal in 1998 to work with university students. After ten years with GBU Portugal, Connie taught at the Baptist Theological Seminary before taking her current positions.

Connie loves teaching and preaching and longs to see more young people using their gifts both in missions and the local church. She has a passion for integrated mission and community living.

While Connie loves working with church, missions, preaching, and teaching, a bigger passion is her family: her husband João, and their two boys, Joshua and Caleb.